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Welded Support Structures

Hraninvest - HMC

Hraninvest - HMC AD

Hraninvest HMK AD is a leading Bulgarian manufacturers of food processing machines and equipment. 

We are your partner, if you are in need of:

Machining of precise and conventional parts;

Machining of large-sized parts;

Large-sized welded steel structures;

Stainless process tanks which can be fitted with a stirrer, insulation, steam jacket, safety and measuring fittings in accordance with specific customer requirements;

Laser cutting of work table range 2,000 mm/4,000 mm at maximum thickness of material: carbon steel up to 20 mm, stainless steel up to 12 mm and aluminium up to 8 mm;

Tools manufacturing

Heat treatment of parts - cementation and hardening, high-temperature nitriding and carbunitridnig, quenching of tool, carbon and alloy steel, heat improvement, ageing of hardened steel for parts of up to 220 kg and sizes up to 600/900/450 mm. Annealing and normalization of metallic workpieces before machining and welded steel structures of sizes up to 4m/4m and height up to 1 m.

The full range of machines incorporated in complete bottling lines: filler/closer units, casers and case packers, paltetizers and depalletizers, bottle and case washers, carbonators, labelers, tunnel pasteurizers, bottle conveyors, case conveyors, pallet conveyors, etc. The machines are designed on a modular basis and allow for construction of processing lines of capacity from 330 bph to 60,000 bph, glass 01* plastics bottles 0.25 to 2 litres,and are intended for the production and bottling of still and carbonated soft drinks, beer, mineral water, cooking oil, clear and turbid juices, strong drinks.

Wine making equipment - full engineering of plants for processing, fermentation, storage and bottling of wine and strong drinks. Machines and equipment for the wine industry, inclusive of receiving and primary processing of grapes, process tanks, rotovinificator, fermentors, bottling lines, screens, pumps and others.

Machines and equipment for processing of fruits and vegetables - plants for production of clear and turbid juices, tomato concentrate, ketchup, stone fruit compotes; preparation and drying of onion, fruits and vegetables; production of canned tomatoes and gherkins; production ofjam and marmalade; preparation for freezing of fruits and vegetables.

Pumps - centrifugal, screw, vacuum, self-priming, piston, dosing, etc.;

Conveyor systems for bottles, cases, pallets, etc., inclusive of stainless conveyor chains;

Machines, parts and assembly groups to customer's documentation;

Spare parts for our machines and to customer's documentation. 

The manufacturing facilities of the company are also located on sites in Kilifarevo and Momchilgrad cities.

Hraninvest Kilifarevo is specialized in machining and welded structures.

Hraninvest Momchilgrad is specialized in manufacture of pressure vessels, vacuum evaporator installations, etc.