Stainless steel tanks production line

Hraninvest-HMK AD operates an automatic manufacturing line for tanks in stainless steel AISI 304; AISI 316.
The line consists of machines for uncoiling, straightening, cutting, installation of thermal jackets, welding, grinding, cleaning of finished vessels and testing. This automatic line allows to manufacture tanks in large quantities and of volumes up to 100 cu.m. while ensuring a constant quality.

The manufacture of stainless tanks with thermal jacket for cooling or warming of liquids inside them is by employing a new technology. A cooling or heating source is used to create pressure up to 10 bar inside the point-welded sheets and form the jacket. The jackets are designed for a working pressure in the range of 5-6 bar (thermal jackets made by the old technology were designed for a maximum of 3 bar).

The automatic line can also apply a protective film on the stainless steel sheets.
The tanks manufactured at this line guarantee conformity and quality to European standards to our customers.
The completely automated welding process ensures quality and endurance of tanks and remarkably distinguishes their appearance as compared to the tanks made by the old technology.

Stainless steel tanks production lineStainless steel tanks production lineStainless steel tanks production line