Tool shop

The tool shop is specialized in design and manufacture of injection moulds, moulds for non-ferrous metals and rubber, stamps, dies and hot boxes for the foundry industry.

A team of 35 highly qualified people works in the tool shop with wide experience in design, manufacture or testing.

The design of the tools and preparation of the production are executed from the engineering team with the assistance of CAD-CAM systems UG NX and Solid Works.

Standardized products from HASCO, EOC-NORMALIEN and D-M-E are used in the designing of injection moulds, stamps and dies.

The tools are made from high-alloy steels according to their function. The following grades of steel are generally used:

  • Structural:1.1730, 1.2311, 1.2312, 1.2164, 1.2764, У8А, У10А, 40Х, 9ХС, ШХ15
  • High-alloy:1.2767, 1.2343, 1.2344, 1.2379, 1.2738

All the above given steels can be thermal improved, cemented and hardened in the Heat treatment shop of the company.

The manufacturing shop is equipped with heavy-duty specialized machines for tool manufacture as follows.

  • Two MAHO milling machines with CNC control, working in 3D mode
  • One DECKEL machine with CNC controls, working in 3D mode
  • universal tool milling machines, lathes, belt and circular grinders
  • MACINO (Japan) EDM sinking and wire cutting machines
  • MIKROMAT-9B (Germany) coordinate boring machine
  • HAUSER (Switzerland) coordinate grinding machine.

In terms of complexity and size of tools our tool shop has facilities to manufacture within the following ranges:
1. Dies – of medium complexity surface overall sized up to 800 x 800 mm.
2. Injection moulds – of complex configuration, with multiside openings and hot-channel moulding systems, of sizes up to 800 x 800 mm. 
3. Stamps for hot forging and hot boxes of sizes up to 800 mm.

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